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Data-First Headless CMS & API Directus is an open-source tool that wraps custom SQL databases with a dynamic API, and provides an intuitive admin app for managing its content. Self-host for free, or use our on-demand Cloud service to manage all your omni-channel digital experiences. Download for Free Watch Vide Open source cms is freely available and no licence fee. Open source Content management system tools has been made and maintained by global community of developers and coders around the globe. Basically, it is the practice to freely access the cms available over the internet. Any member of its tech community can extend, modify or improve the open source cms software using his insights and.

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Seamlessly integrate with all ECommerce PIMs and APIs to scale and personalise online shopping experiences across devices. Provide your customers with better shopping experiences, every single time. GraphCMS supports you in delivering unparalleled eCommerce experiences. Take a look at our open source shop project Strapi is the next-gen headless CMS, open-source, javascript, enabling content-rich experiences to be created, managed and exposed to any digital device

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  1. Open-Source CMS haben ein Sicherheitsproblem: In den meisten Fällen nutzen Homepage-Besitzer nicht das reine System des Herstellers sondern erweitern es durch Templates, Plugins und Widgets. Und hier entstehen dann unter Umständen Sicherheitslücken. Helfen kann hier natürlich ein erfahrener Programmierer, der das CMS kennt. Einen wissenschaftlichen Überblick könnt ihr euch aber auch mit.
  2. Brooklyn-based Directus is an open source headless CMS and API. Built using Vue.js., Directus manages custom-schema SQL databases directly. The idea is that developers can create custom databases..
  3. Java-based CMS with RESTful service / API to access content [closed] Ask Question Asked 7 years, 5 months ago. Active 6 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 20k times 33. 12. As it currently stands, this question is not a good fit for our Q&A format. We expect answers to be supported by facts, references, or expertise, but this question will likely solicit debate, arguments, polling, or extended.

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  1. We know, that there are dozens of headless CMS on the market. But Squidex is Open Source and unique. Here is why: Content Versioning All changes in Squidex are handled by a versioning system. This makes it possible to compare different versions of your content and to roll back to a previous version. It also provides the audit log, so that you can see who did what and when. Seamless.
  2. ButterCMS is an API-based CMS that seamlessly integrates with ASP.NET applications. It has an SDK that drops into ASP.NET Core and also returns data as JSON. Pulling the data out and showing it in a few is easy.
  3. panel anyone can use
  4. Cockpit is awesome if you need a flexible content structure but don't want to be limited in how to use the content. Cockpit is a perfect match if you want to support multiple devices or need a content management UI for static site builders. Build unique applications and let Cockpit feed them with content
  5. Flextype is an open-source self-hosted Data-First Headless CMS & API. It is was founded in March 2018 as lightweight alternative to other heavy and outdated CMS. Many people use complex solutions for simple pages, unnecessarily. Building this content management system, we focused on simplicity - even novice webmaster adapt his template and writes his own plugin. To achieve this, we.
  6. dotCMS is an Open Source Hybrid Content Management System (Hybrid CMS) for managing content and content-driven sites and applications. Learn more about dotCMS dotCMS is a cutting-edge Hybrid Content Management System (CMS) that allows large and medium businesses to build, manage, and deploy content-enabled applications such as websites, single-page apps, mobile apps, and more

eZ Platform: Das Unternehmen eZ Systems bot seit 1999 mit dem Open-Source-Produkt eZ Publish ein klassisches CMS an. 16 Jahre später hat man das alte Konzept verworfen und konzentriert sich mit eZ Platform auf ein Headless CMS. Open Source findet sich auch hier: Das Produkt ist unter der GNU GPL-Lizenz frei verfügbar. Zudem gibt es kostenpflichtige Varianten mit professionellem Support und. With API-based CMS, all the content is stored centrally which enables brands to deliver their content to any channel. This means that the content creators can write their content once and then repurpose it for any channel or device ButterCMS ist ein API-basiertes CMS mit einer Spezialisierung auf Blogs, allerdings kann das System auch für andere Webseiten mit dynamischen Inhalten genutzt werden. ButterCMS ist ein gehosteter Service mit einer Administrations-Oberfläche für Autoren. Die Preise reichen von 0 Dollar bis 199 Dollar pro Monat

Open source products. For open source software to be evaluated for this article, the tool has to make its source code open to everyone to inspect, modify, and enhance. The source code must also have been updated (full version or small fix) within the past 12 months and must support one of the following operating systems: Windows, Mac, or Linux Open Source Project Event App [beta] The event app is an excellent example of how CMS Hub tools like serverless functions, local development, membership, and HubDB can empower consumers to satisfy their own needs - leaving organizations with more time to focus on what they do best Open-source projects are great for getting started and serve as a good source for architecture reference. There are several open-source ASP.NET Core projects available in GitHub. These projects will help you learn ASP.NET Core technology in-depth, with different types of architecture and coding patterns

Concrete5 is free PHP based CMS. Users can manage websites with a minimum of technical skills. Concrete5 offers version management for every page which is similar to wiki software. 5. Typo3. TYPO3, As a free Open Source content management system it is suitable for enterprise purposes on the web. 6. Ghost. Ghost is an open source publishing platform which helps you to build a blog. It is. 41 Free, Open Source and Top Help Desk Software : Review of 41 Free, Open Source and Top Help Desk Software including Top Free Help Desk Software : HelpSpot, Teamwork Desk, Mojo Helpdesk, Solarwinds Helpdesk, C Desk, HelpDeskZ, Faveo are some of the top free help desk software.. Top Help Desk Software Open Source : OTRS, MantisBT, Request Tracker, osTicket, Bugzilla, Brimir, PHD Help Desk. Webiny is open-source which allows you to modify, extend and adapt the system so it exactly fits your needs. Microservices architecture Webiny is built as a set of microservices using serverless technologies COVID-19 APIs, SDKs, coverage, open source code and other related dev resources » Today in APIs Latest news about the API economy and newest APIs, delivered daily: Today in APIs. Subscribe. Leave this field blank. Featured; Latest; FOR API PROVIDERS. What Are APIs and How Do They Work? Guide to GraphQL: Understanding, Building and Using GraphQL APIs How Facebook Makes it Nearly Impossible For.

The Open Source Enterprise CMS Feature-rich, with total freedom. Built on leading Java technology, dotCMS is head-optional, multi-tenant, cloud-based, enterprise-ready—and of course—totally open source. Say goodbye to vendor lock-in, and hello to total freedom and flexibility PHPVibe Open source video CMS / Video Sharing CMS / Youtube Api v3 / Video Embeds - PHPVibe/phpvib WordPress is one of the best open source CMS platforms available on the market. You can make any content website with the help of this fantastic content management system like news publishing site, blog site, e-commerce site, forum site, and whatnot. WordPress holds a firm grip on almost 65% market share among all other open source CMS platforms This question has been asked and answered hundreds of times over the years, as can be found by a simple web search. I can point to some favorites in the industry; 1. Strapi is an opensource CMS intended to be transparent and striving to be a perfect balance between a CMS, framework, and an automation tool to speed-up back-end development and management. The main aim of Strapi is to build a robust API and to provide an advanced CMS

Work locally and in teams using Git-based versioning, an API-first repo, and your favorite languages, tools and process. Deploy Elastically. Deliver any kind of digital experience with blazing fast performance. Scale deployments elastically to meet any demand. Read the Docs Download Crafter CMS. A New Kind of CMS for the Entire Team. Crafter CMS is an open source content management platform. Shared Savings Program ACOs can use this FHIR-based API to retrieve bulk Medicare claims data related to their assignable or prospectively assigned beneficiaries. Under construction; feedback invited. Links about Beneficiary Claims Data API. About Beneficiary Claims Data API → Data at the Point of Care. Fee-for-Service Medicare providers can use FHIR APIs to request and receive claims data. Better CMS is an open source product. In 2016, we opened Better CMS to the open source community and currently do not have a dedicated Devbridge Group team allocated to this project. Rather, we rely on and encourage support and involvement from the development community. Better CMS 2.0 is available under the General Public License v3 (LGPL-3.0) license, and can be used and integrated into. Grav is a modern open source flat-file CMS. Download Grav. Stable Version 1.6.28 NEW! updated 2 months ago • Changelog Release Candidate Version 1.7.-rc.17 updated 2 months ago. Why Choose Grav? Voted Best Open Source CMS in 2016. Voted Best Flat File CMS in 2017 and 2019! Fast. Performance is not just an afterthought, we baked it in from the start. Extensible. Grav has a powerful API.

We've got some great open-source tools and how-to articles that can help you out deploying, managing and maintaining ApostropheCMS sites. Community. Report bugs and submit pull requests via github. Ask how-to questions via StackOverflow. Be sure to tag them apostrophe-cms. Stay up to date with announcements on our forum OpenSourceCMS.com is a central resource for all things related to Open-source CMS and gives you the opportunity to try out most of the best Open-source CMS tools in the world without marketing fluff or sales people. Feel free to browse around on the site and try fully configured standard demos of the systems you are interested in and rate them or comment on them as you go to help others. BASED ON IONIC FRAMEWORK. All the mobile part is based on the powerful Ionic Framework to build beautiful and efficient apps. ADAPT IT TO YOUR NEEDS. It's open-source. Develop your own modules, customize the CMS, sell your new features. Your Software. Your sole property. Siberian is an open-source CMS. You are not renting an online platform, the software is yours, the apps you create are yours. DotCMS is a next-gen enterprise CMS that wears an open-source hat. It is highly popular and widely used CMS due to its open APIs, extensible and scalable architecture that it used to create..

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  1. phpSQLiteCMS is a simple and lightweight open source web content management system (CMS) based on PHP and SQLite.As SQLite is file-based, it just runs out of the box without installation (using MySQL or PostgreSQL is also possible). It's licensed under the MIT License
  2. Pinax is an open-source CMS built on the Django Web Framework. It is come with numerous reusable Django apps and providing starter projects and infrastructure tools. Pinax takes care of the things that many sites have in common so you can focus on what makes your site different. Pinax CMS. 6 Skeletonz. Skeletonz is a Python-based content management system. It differs from others by being.
  3. Why does all this boring detail matter, you ask? It's because MariaDB was created from the same code base as that of MySQL (in the open source world, this is known as forking an existing project). As a result, MariaDB is presented as a drop-in replacement for MySQL. That is, if you're using MySQL and want to migrate to MariaDB, the process is so easy that you just won't.
  4. OpenCms - professionelles Content Management Einfach anzuwenden, Open Source, zuverlässig. OpenCms von Alkacon Software ist ein professionelles, einfach anzuwendendes Website Content Management System.OpenCms hilft Anwendern weltweit, ansprechende Websites schnell und effizient zu erzeugen und zu verwalten
  5. Thunder is a web-based open-source Content Management System setting new standards for publishers' CMS. It is based on Drupal, enabling its users to benefit from the Drupal community's continuous development efforts, as well as specific modules contributed by Hubert Burda Media, other publishers and industry partners - the Thunder Coalition
  6. A headless content management system, or headless CMS, is a back-end only content management system (CMS) built from the ground up as a content repository that makes content accessible via an API for display on any device

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An open-source CMS also has features exactly as the name implies: a source code open to the public eye and free to use by anyone with restrictions depending on the license type, with the most common being GPL and Apache. Developers who create an open-source CMS publish the code and allow others to use and modify it dotCMS: The Hybrid CMS and Headless CMS. dotCMS is a Open Source Hybrid CMS — built on leading Java technology.We are the next-generation platform that supports both the flexibility of a headless CMS, with the efficiency of traditional content authoring. dotCMS empowers both marketers and developers with the ability to create and reuse content to build connected, engaging, and memorable.

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  1. Netlify open source, so we maintain and contribute to projects that power the Jamstack, like the headless Git-centric Netlify CMS. And we love your projects, too. If you're using Netlify for your OS project, Teams Pro ($45) is free for you and your collaborators
  2. A popular service is Dropbox and while it offers a free version, it is not open source. There are also many Dropbox alternatives for Linux, but this article focuses on the best free open source cloud file sharing platforms. 1. NextCloud . NextCloud is arguably the most popular open source cloud file sharing service. Apart from sharing files, it allows you to share calendars, contacts, emails.
  3. The most powerful CLI for building serverless architectures. Develop AWS Lambda, API Gateway, AppSync, and S3 based applications. Develop AWS Lambda locally, deploy instantly, extend with plugins with the Serverless Framework CLI

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October is a free, open-source, self-hosted CMS platform. A simple and modular CMS that grows with you, with a precise and beautiful interface that comes as second nature. PyroCMS. PyroCMS is an easy to use and powerful Laravel CMS built for everyone. It features a powerful and flexible API encourages good design and rewards best practices. Leaving developers with a clean, simple interface to. Open Source. Cody is fully open source. You can copy it, read the code, modify it, use it however you want. There is no fee, licence price. Open source simply creates better software. Everyone collaborates around the world. As a result, the open source model builds higher-quality, more secure, more easily integrated software. And it does it at. 5. October Cms. October is a free, open-source, self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework. A simple and modular CMS that grows with you, with a precise and beautiful interface that comes as second nature AWESOME OPEN SOURCE CMS FOR ASP.NET CORE. From small websites to complex applications, Piranha CMS helps you organize and manage your content in an intuitive and flexible manner. With our headless approach Piranha can be used as both an integrated CMS or as a content store for your Apps. Source Code on GitHu Meet Wagtail, an open-source Django content management system built by Torchbox. It's free, beautiful, versatile and fast. Find out how to get started

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There are many other open source ERP options you can choose from—others you might want to check out include Tryton, which is written in Python and uses the PostgreSQL database engine, or the Java-based Axelor, which touts users' ability to create or modify business apps with a drag-and-drop interface.And, if your favorite open source ERP solution isn't on the list, please share it with us in. There's a lot of literature about document management terms like : DMS, EDRMS or CMS usually more influenced by marketing rules rather than objective reasons. A Document Management Software is a computer program used to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper based information captured through the use of a document scanner Save time by automating content updates from third party sources. Developers Guide . Create high-performant apps with your tech stack and our API. SDK. Our SDKs make querying your content from our API a breeze. Team Based Developers and Marketers who value their time love Butter. User Dashboard. Update or add your marketing site updates quickly in our user-friendly dashboard. Roles and. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Magnolia is an open-source content management system (CMS). It is developed by Magnolia International Ltd., based in Basel, Switzerland. It is based on Content repository API for Java (JSR-283) Share, explore, and contribute to our code base! Freely customize our open source with the GraphHopper Directions API. Git Repositories Forum. Do you have a problem, question, or an idea about our projects? Join the discussion on our forum! Forum Comparison to the GraphHopper Directions API Open Source GraphHopper Directions API Routing API Route Optimization API Map Matching API Matrix API.

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After five years of near-continuous development, the source code to Kanbanara, a web-based project management system using the kanban methodology, has now been open-sourced under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3. Kanbanara has been developed in Python 3.6 and utilises CherryPy as its web framework and MongoDB as its NoSQL database system Open-Source-CMS lassen sich von beliebigen Personen weiterentwickeln und konfigurieren, sei es von der eigenen IT-Abteilung oder von einer externen Agentur. Es existieren keine Beschränkungen. Keine Lizenzgebühren, Kosten entstehen nur, wenn Unternehmen eine Webagentur zur Einrichtung und Konfiguration des CMS hinzuziehen. Systematische CMS Auswahl Im Mittelpunkt stehen die Ziele, nicht die. Novacoin is a decentralized electronic cash system based on an open-source, peer-to-peer internet protocol. It works without a central server or trusted parties. Users hold the ECDSA private keys to their own money and transact directly with each other, with the help of the network to check for double-spending. They are also able to participate in the network protection using own money or.

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Visit Open Government Solutions to learn from the research and experience of other public sector organizations with open source code, standards, and practices implemented by governments around the world. These resources developed by the public sector can help government agencies at all levels find solutions that have worked for others so that they can accelerate their digital transformation Mixcore CMS is a best open source CMS that support both headless and decoupled to easily build any kinds of app/web app/customisable APIs built on top of ASP.NET Core / Dotnet Core. It is a completely open source ASP.NET Core (Dotnet Core) CMS solution. https://mixcore.or OpenEMM is based on a field-proven Open Source Software Stack. OpenEMM can be run on a simple Linux server; OpenEMM is based on a trusted commercial software product, the E-Marketing Manager, that is designed to send trillions of emails per year. OpenEMM released under the popular AGPLv3 license. OpenEMM can be easily installed using the new installer ; OpenEMM can be operated in your own. Cosmic is the best CMS for React websites and apps. As the new standard in digital content management, the Cosmic Headless CMS provides powerful API tools for developers and an intuitive admin dashboard for content creators

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  1. Magento Open Source software delivers basic eCommerce capabilities that allow you to build a unique online store from the ground up. However, for those who need a full featured eCommerce solution, we recommend Magento Commerce which includes our optimized cloud architecture and hosting as well as AI-powered merchandising and analytics. Get started . Boost your conversion rates with a free site.
  2. Das beste .NET Open Source E-Commerce System mit größtem Funktionsumfang, höchster Skalierbarkeit und innovativsten CMS-Fähigkeiten
  3. Unlike a traditional CMS, an API-based approach is much simpler and more secure. This includes options for REST, GraphQL, and SDKs that help our users to make the most of Prismic. No server maintenance . We offer high-level SLAs, scalability, and a global CDN. We'll make sure that everything is running smoothly in the background so that you can focus on your projects. A growing ecosystem.
  4. Open Source YouTube Alternatives. The most popular alternative is PeerTube, which is both free and Open Source.If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked more than 100 alternatives to YouTube so hopefully you can find a suitable replacement
  5. Concrete CMS is an open source content management system. A point and click, free CMS that creates websites

unite cms allows you to connect and manage all your digital project's data in one single backend. With its headless architecture and powerful GraphQL API, you can display your content on any device and every project. Being Open-Source and built on Symfony 4 makes unite cms robust and easily extensible Deciding which CMS to use depends on the type of website you want to create, development platform (.NET or PHP) you are comfortable with and if you want a paid or open-source solution. Although there are lots of good CMSs out there worth a look, we have curated a list of top .NET based CMS that you can use to create your website or web application Open Source im Gegensatz zu Proprietärer Software. Die Form der Proprietäre Software, der eigentümlichen Software, steht dem Open-Source-Konzept im Unterschied dazu. Denn um eine proprietäre. auth0-authentication-api-webhooks This webtask allows you to define webhooks for Auth0's Authentication API. It will go through the audit logs and call a webhook for specific events. 6 3. chef-varnish Development repository for Chef Cookbook varnish. 1 0. auth0-instrumentation The goal of this package is to make it easier to collect information about our services through logs, metrics and.

Open Source .NET Core CMS Cofoundry is an unobtrusive ASP.NET Core CMS focused on code-first development and user-friendly content management. Run integrated, decoupled or headless, it's your choice. Get Started. Made for .NET developers. Tools you know. Cofoundry is there when you want it and gets out of your way when you don't. Get back to writing regular .NET code you love and enjoy. While the CMS is intended primarily for developers who plan on creating their own designs, a fully-baked sample project is available with all source code (apostrophe-open-museum) and can be used as an easy starting point for similar work. See Mor Alle Open-Source-Lösungen in unserem CMS-Vergleich bieten Anwendern die Möglichkeit, parametrisierte URLs in ein sprechendes URL-Schema umzuschreiben, das sich sowohl von menschlichen Nutzern als auch von der Suchmaschine interpretieren lässt. Nicht jedes CMS unterstützt diese Funktion nativ ohne Erweiterung XSLT-powered open source content management system. Features. Elegant. Approaches content management with the underlying goals of simplicity and openness, so you can build anything. Click to learn more about the Symphony approach. Flexible. Gives designers and developers complete control over data structures, URL schemas, and every bit of markup Let's explore four Java-based CMS tools, both open source and proprietary. OpenCms: The original open source Java CMS . OpenCms has been around since 1999, and it's been an open source Java CMS platform since 2001. Not only is it one of the oldest Java-based CMS platforms, it's one of the oldest CMS tools, predating the popular PHP-based WordPress, which debuted in 2003. From a developer's.

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Sehr ähnlich wie Kirby funktioniert auch das Open-Source-CMS Pico. Im Gegensatz zu Kirby ist es komplett kostenlos, hat aber etwas weniger Features und eine etwas kleinere Community, da es noch. Name Language v2 v3 GitHub; ApiBldr - Web-Based API Designer for OpenAPI (swagger) and AsyncAPI specifications. Angular 9.0 / Saas Apicurio Studio - Web-Based Open Source API Design via the OpenAPI specification. Angular 7.0, Java / Saas Apitive Studio - A platform for Digital Product Managers and API Consultants to design REST APIs with in-built mock and documentation Open-source, modular, multi-tenant application framework and CMS for ASP.NET Core. Try Orchard. Getting Started Find the resources you need to make you productive. Documentation. Browse the documentation. Localization. Translate your application. Forum. Exchange with our friendly community. Source . Explore the source code. Download. Download the latest version. Podcast. Join our public.

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Trotz der vielen nützlichen Features, die eine API mit sich bringt, kann es vorkommen, dass sie eine Gefahr für die Nutzer wird. Oft sind sich die Nutzer nicht vollständig im Klaren, was genau. OpenCDS is a multi-institutional, collaborative effort to develop open-source, standards-based clinical decision support (CDS) tools and resources that can be widely adopted to enable CDS at scale. OpenCDS is licensed under the Apache 2 license. Now supporting HL7's FHIR ® Another PHP based open source document management system; the Seeddms supports MySQL and sqlite3 databases. The best thing about the Seeddms is that it is an enterprise-ready document scanning software which is used for sharing as well as storing documents. Since it comes with a highly advanced user interface, it adapts comfortably according to.

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For some, it may not be the best modern eCommerce platform but if you want a good open-source PHP-based alternative, it is worth a try. In most of the web hosting platforms with one-click app installation support, OpenCart should be available to setup. To learn more about it, you can head to its official website and check out the GitHub page. OpenCart. 3. PrestaShop. PrestaShop is yet. Open Source CMS Made Simple offers an easy to use interface for end users, while maintaining a powerful backend for developers. With an extensive API combined with the Smarty templating engine, custom modules and tags are a breeze

Elgg is an award-winning open source social networking engine that provides a robust framework on which to build all kinds of social environments, from a campus wide social network for your university, school or college or an internal collaborative platform for your organization through to a brand-building communications tool for your company and its clients Open Source Social Network the Best Social Network Software a powerful open source social network CMS. Use our CMS to build an open source social network website Free The free open source media server edition has fewer features than the pro version. The open source version is On the fly stream repackager, comes with browser-based management interface, low footprint high-performance, modular design, low latency, Multiplatform, Smart HTML5 meta player, API, Stream meta-data, and Basic analytic integration Headless CMS & GraphQL API for Node. Configure your schema in JavaScript, and KeystoneJS will generate a powerful GraphQL API and CMS. Get Started Documentation Blog View on GitHub. See how to get a To Do app up and running in under 4 minutes with the KeystoneJS CLI. schema => ({ GraphQL, AdminUI }) A KeystoneJS instance acts as a function of your schema which creates a GraphQL API for. Powered by an enterprise open-source CMS, and backed by a vibrant professional community and a commercial ecosystem—use TYPO3 to connect to your customers and compete in today's landscape with the richest digital experiences. Scalable multisite, multilingual installations for global campaigns and organizations. Connect anything. Open, adaptable, pluggable, decoupled architecture. Runs.

SilverStripe is a free and open source Content Management System (CMS) and Framework for creating and maintaining websites and web applications. It provides an out of the box web-based administration panel that enables users to make modifications to parts of the website, which includes a WYSIWYG website editor Based on a fully Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Kimios is fully integrated with third parties through all applications (web client, Kimios Explorer and Kimios for Office) and this architecture offers strong interoperability that can be used through different APIs in dotNet, Java and open source dms php

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Crafter CMS is a modern content management platform for building digital experience applications. Crafter is a dynamic CMS based on Git that supports DevOps processes, a headless API-first repository that developers to use their favorite UI frameworks and tools, and a microservices architecture supporting elastic scalability Ein Content Management System (CMS) wird verwendet, um Inhalte auf Websites zu erstellen und zu verwalten. Die Funktionsweise der wichtigsten CMS ist ähnlich. Weit verbreitet sind vor allem Open-Source-Systeme. Erfahren Sie alles über Funktionsweisen, Vor- und Nachteile sowie die wichtigsten CMS auf dem Markt Access the APIs via the Android, iOS and JS SDK. Deploy In Secs. Deploy microservices or cloud functions in secs with SkyCLI . Reusable Micro-services. Secure and out-of-the-box user authentication services at your fingertips. Kubernetes-Based. Leverage the latest infrastructure technology and enjoy auto scalability. Just Push Your Code. Skygear allows developers to deploy microservices or. Imixs-Workflow is the open source solution for human-centric business process management. This means supporting human skills, activities and collaboration in a model driven architecture. The Imixs-Workflow engine protects and securely distributes your business data based on the BPMN 2.0 standard


Notably, popular open source CMSes such as WordPress and Drupal are moving in the content as a service direction, mainly by introducing plugins (Drupal RESTful web services, WordPress REST API) which add RESTfulness on top of the existing setup. Drupal 8 will also include RESTful API in its core. Running such a configuration in the cloud makes for a semi-CaaS solution Open Source Project; Marketplace. Marketplace; App Marketplace New. CMS Asset Marketplace Log in; Create a developer account; HubSpot API Docs. Discover APIs, integration guides, and other documentation. Search for CMS concepts, reference docs and tutorial. Can't find what you're looking for? Ask in the community. Endpoints. Articles. Menu. Introduction Getting started Analytics API Reporting.

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Don't be afraid to initiate your own open source projects. Best React open-source projects. In the last couple of years, React has risen to become a massively popular JavaScript library and developer ecosystem. Let's look into the best open source projects based on it. We have split this selection into several sections according to the. Open source (e.g. gitolite, Gerrit) Let us see six open source Github alternatives that you can host on your own server. 1. GitLab - a web-based Git-repository manager with wiki, issue-tracking features and more. GitLab is a free, open source and a web-based Git-repository manager software. It has a wiki, issue tracking, and other features. You can adapt Netlify CMS to a wide variety of projects. It works with any content written in markdown, JSON, YAML, Git Gateway is an open source API that acts as a proxy between authenticated users of your site and your site repo. (We'll get to the details of that in the Authentication section below.) If you leave out the branch declaration, it defaults to master. Editorial Workflow. Note.

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Swagger Open Source Tools Swagger was created by the team behind the original Swagger Specification, which has since been renamed to the OpenAPI Specification. Today, Swagger has evolved into one of the most widely used open source tool sets for developing APIs with the OpenAPI Specification. Swagger for Everyone Swagger open source and pro tools have helped millions of API developers. Vorabdruck aus der Ausgabe 3.06 des T3N Magazins für Open Source und TYPO3.T3N 3.06 erscheint Anfang September. Jedes Unternehmen ist einzigartig und mehr oder weniger komplex. Während es in. Für dieses Open Source CMS wurde ein spezielles Team gegründet, die `Drupal Association´, welche sich mit Bedrohungen und Sicherheitsaktualisierungen beschäftigt. Dieses Team besteht aus Benutzern, Administratoren, Webentwicklern und Designern, welche sich sowohl um Verbesserungen der Infrastruktur des CMS kümmern als auch um die Organisation von Drupal-Veranstaltungen und -Konferenzen. Cosmic allowed us to easily integrate a secure and fast back-end API into our React app. Cosmic fit our needs with its simple web-based dashboard so that members of our marketing team can create, edit, and delete new content on the fly. Our team has been enjoying the ease of use with the new system

Built on standards, based on open source. At the core of Ibexa DXP is extensibility and connectivity. We provide a comprehensive suite of APIs (GraphQL, REST and PHP) and our products are built on modern Open Source technologies. Our core technology, Ibexa Open Source is available under the GPL Build projects faster with the most flexible headless CMS out there. For Enterprises. Get more control over member settings and organization data. Ecosystem. App Store . Extend Storyblok with the features you need and build your own apps. Become a Partner. As a partner you get access to exclusive benefits for your clients. Image Service. Optimize images and deliver the best performance for. The open source GitHub page for the Parse platform. Docs; Blog; Community; Back Us; The Complete Application Stack Build applications faster with object and file storage, user authentication, push notifications, dashboard and more out of the box. Get Started Community Forum. Parse Server; SDKs; Other; Community; Help & Communication Our preferred channels of communication for help, issues and. The Google Maps API, for instance, is often used to build better user experiences with data based on real-time mapping and traffic signals. The Twitter API, another big one, can be used to filter and display targeted Tweets in real-time. Now, if you follow our blog, I suspect you're more interested in web-based APIs than anything else. So let's.

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